Saturday, August 29, 2015

17 years

All year we have been saying all anniversary/birthday/holiday gifts are THE HOUSE. We rarely mark our anniversary with gifts or sentiments, but this year we definitely did not. Actually, Jason usually buys me a goofy hallmark card with little animals who are married.  This year he didn't even do that! We have just been in a whirlwind adjusting to two homes and taking care of both and ourselves and our children!  We did pause for one evening and ate some fresh Mexican food in town and then went to bed early.  17 years. I really can't even believe it. When we got married, I never tried to picture who we would be in 17 years...and now we are here. ALMOST 20 years!  I have been married almost as long as I was NOT married!

I do feel our love grows each year. We understand each other, we know how each other will act or what we will think or feel about something. It feels like we were never NOT family.  I keep saying we are like brother and sister and Jason HATES when I say that, but what I mean is that we feel like blood, intertwined and linked in a way that will never be broken. And that's the ultimate.  

We took some selfies in the MAGIC LIGHT. I love this part of my land when the light brightens the leaves--so green!

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