Monday, July 27, 2015


Here are the girls on their first day of swim lessons. They were both SO BRAVE And just WENT FOR IT! No Hesitation (okay maybe a tiny bit when Olive was heads and years above/older than her classmates--we got off track with swim lessons the past few years) at all.

Pickle spent the first few weeks of lessons being a little silly, jumping in and out and playing with the noodles. She got VERY comfortable though and was ready to go to level 2.

There was no room in the time I wanted, so we kept her in level 1 with a bit larger class.  Jason and I watched many of the new moms act like "helicopter moms" hovering over their children on the side of the pool.  We enjoyed sitting in the deep end watching Lolly dive and swim and every once in a while glanced over to Pickle.

Sometimes I even left during lessons to run a quick errand and then came back at the end.

One afternoon I was in the deep end trying to finish my book because it was due the next day...I glanced up to check on Pickle and saw a pink blur under the water, NOT coming up.  I waited just a second when I saw she was not moving and then ran towards her yelling: MY BABY MY BABY! And one of the helicopter moms RIGHT THERE next to the 2 swim teachers RIGHT THERE, grabbed her out of the water. Seriously there were 2 lifeguards, 4 helicopter Moms, and 2 teachers and none of them noticing my little Pickle trapped just beneath the water.

She was fine of course, but seriously...

The next day they all wore life jackets. It was the coolest thing to see her so confident moving around the pool in her life jacket. That is how she spent the rest of the summer---just swimming around solo with her little life jacket, which she pronounced: LAUGH, JIKE-et.

Here they are after 4 weeks of lessons:

It was the best 4 weeks and $240-I have ever spent.

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