Thursday, July 9, 2015

Roller Magic

Jennika celebrated her birthday during their visit. I suggested we go roller skating. She was pretty stoked about it. I had to talk my nieces and nephews into it, but they gave roller skating such a good effort and learned some new skills! A few of them even said it was their favorite part of the trip! Yes! I will convert more skaters!

Sam asked me to take their family photo and he had a lens that I couldn't adjust, and I thought the skates were the most important part, but he wasn't happy with my portrait:
Birthday girl and me! Both 24 can you believe it?
Pickle really delivers sometimes---actually it is so nice that there are games scattered throughout the rink, because we put her on some real skates and she was NOT READY.
Roller Magic with my girls---we added a little colorful makeup for out night out!

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