Thursday, July 2, 2015

Preparing for 15

My family was so supportive of the house, they jumped at the chance to come visit. Jason's parents stayed in their 5th wheel nearby, so we saw them off on the night of the 1st. My family arrived the next day!

I was so stressed out planning the meals for everyone, but it worked out really well. This bunch of groceries was going to get us through about 3 days.  Our favorite local grocery store has grocery carts Pickle's size. She LOVES shopping there.

Mom and Dad swung by the Kennedy's and drove them all the way to our house! I prepared some bacon mac n cheese (vegan and NOT vegan) and corn for their arrival.  It was a joy having them sit out on that porch and eat!!!

Grammy and Phoebe ended up matching that first day out! Mom kept calling their shoes their TAYLOR SWIFTS. I guess she bought hers from T-Swifts line.

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