Sunday, July 5, 2015

I Read: God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

I have discovered reading again. One thing that pushed me to it: the local library.  I love visiting the library in my new town. They also had a book sale and I picked up 4 chunky hard covers for 50 cents each.  I have been reading with my eyeballs and also listening to audiobooks--I love my overdrive app because I can listen free with my library card!

One afternoon I was returning books and a man handed over this book I had read about in O Magazine. I snatched it right up and did not regret it.  I've only read a few Toni Morrison with little memory of the experience...but I loved this one.

She is not a word waster. I love authors like that--John Steinbeck is the other one who does not waste a single syllable. Also her story was brief and unexpected. I quite enjoyed it.  It was a nice distraction with all the things going on with house guests!

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