Saturday, July 11, 2015

Family is Everything

When we built our home our dream was to have it filled up with family.  Our dreams came true this summer. It was not without a little stress and worry, but that is par for the course for ME and for the timing. My family wanted to come straight away! Awesome. We worked our patooties off every weekend leading up to their visit to get things as close to READY as possible.  Next spring we will do the same thing with the landscaping and we will just keep adding to it until it is serving us and our family as well as it possibly can.
Full disclosure: I am writing this about 3 months after this visit, because I have not been able to keep up to date with blogs AND vlogs AND mothering AND jobs AND....but I still love my blog and love my blog books, so I bookmarked a few drafts and I will post them close to when they ACTUALLY occurred.

Here is my crew at the pool in our town:  We experienced so much joy swimming together and at the beach on our beach day! Truly glorious long stretched out summer days together.
Since our living room had no furniture, it served as the dance and shenanigans studio all summer:
Our last meal as a family at this diner---we took up 3 booths.

I loved the little nooks and crannys to just be together. Here Grammy is showing Pickle her photos:
We had two baby boys toddling around with fly swatters and bubble guns and leaving their hand prints on all my brand newly painted walls and appliances! (I did some painting when summer was all over ; ) ).  Loved those two little sweeties.  Abe was a little freaked out, but seemed to get comfortable just as it was time to go. Noah said this over and over the entire time: WOW! WHOA!
All those years I put together scrapbooks! We have been looking at them since they are no longer in storage!
I hope we can repeat these beautiful family memories for many years to come. I am soooo grateful I have this land and this building to help facilitate that. I know my treasures will not rise with me. I will someday leave this land and this house, but the feelings and the relationships will never leave me, and that's what it's all about!

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