Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Other Glass Fam

I am not sure if you caught on yet, but we literally had visitors back to back to back this summer. Most of them overlapped. People left in the morning and new people arrived in the evening. I learned this summer that my duvets take too long to dry to get all the beds changed in one day, so I will be purchasing duvet COVERS to speed up the process.

My dreams came true when my niece, nephew and sister in law ALL wanted to sit in my craft room and learn to knit! They all mastered it in a few short lessons and Ethan even got through almost an entire scarf on his visit. The son I never had!

Joni made the cutest HAT! I love how the crazy multi-yarn pom pom turned out!
One of our stops was to Jo Ann Fabrics. According to Shane and Jason we took WAY TOO LONG in there picking out yarn and fabric. I was excited to finally find some I liked to make this dress! My first attempt at a dress with a pattern!
Shane did some research and found a hike nearby. It took some bravery from all involved as there was a VERY VERY HIGH lookout we all climbed--even Pickle.  I admit I started getting more and more scared as I got higher. yikes. But the view was amazing.
The bug bites though...
I loved the scene of corn shucking happening on my porch! Good times.
The cousins were game for skating, so we headed to Roller Magic again. Pickle was all: a new set of "sistahs!"
Jason and Shane had crazy jumping/diving contests and Shane won EVERY TIME.
Loved using our two tables pushed together.....Family! in my dining room! Dreams coming true...
Here are some extra snaps from our hike:

We had such a great time, we are going to do a Thanksgiving version soon!

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