Saturday, June 20, 2015


Guys! My Powder Room!

I had my heart set on this beautiful vessel sink I found on etsy. It did not arrive in time to be installed for the certificate of occupancy, so I just went with a very generic glass bowl from home depot. blah.

My designer encourage me to "go crazy" in the powder room so I just went for it! I ordered 8 different vintage wall papers from etsy and bought all of the white frames at ikea. Seriously, all of them.

Then I placed them all on the floor and then transferred them with my math and hammer skills (it took HOURS!)

I bought a curtain panel (also on etsy) and split it in two, hemmed it and added some pom-poms so that those doing their business would have some privacy from those enjoying the back porch.

I bought some vintage floral hand towels on etsy to go with the theme of vintage awesomeness.  I also hung up a painting that Jason's deceased mother painted some years ago as well as a photograph of my grandmother in attire that quite matches the prints happening around her.

Lastly, I added a little yarn bomb on the pipe so that one has  something to look at whilst doing one's business.

voila! I love it.

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