Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pickle Works

Pickle had a busy week with two jobs. First she had Bloomingdales at Dune Studios (fancy!) She was a hoot. They did not have a wrangler, so she really ran the show. Her signature move was chasseing back and forth across the paper. That poor photographer! I did help them get a few quite portraits at the end, but she was very funny.

On set they had a bunch of different snacks. She eyed the giant bowl of chocolate candy from the start. I promised she could pick one when she was done. She chose 3 reeses peanut butter cups, one for her and her two sisters. On the way home she wanted to eat theirs but hesitated when she remembered they were for her sisters. I explained that they never even knew she had saved them to share so it would be ok if she ate them. And she did.

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