Friday, June 12, 2015

Pickle Works on Location

The Friday after her Bloomies job Pickle had a job for a popular grocery store here that originates in Germany. When I saw that the set was on location at a farm upstate, I decided to make use of the house!

My oldest and youngest and me drove up the night before.  This was so nice because then we just had to back track about an hour and avoid all the morning rush hour craziness.  When I saw it was a 4-hour minimum day ON A FARM...I knew it could be crazy. I packed ALL THE TOYS and ALL THE SNACKS and headed out.

We went to the MOST beautiful Place! Glynwood is a non profit farm in the Hudson Valley that exists as part of the community to keep great farming and food-to-table and CSAing ALIVE.  It was so awesome. The toddlers call time was 10 am but they were behind schedule. 6 toddlers were set up in a bed and breakfast type home with just a bowl of fruit on the table and a jug of water.  I was pretty certain this could be a challenging day ahead of us.

It was so interesting how the moms and babies got to know each other. There was lawyer Mom who worked a lot and didn't interact with her child that much, and you could see that when they were together he gravitated to moms other than his own mom...he latched on to me when I gave him the tiniest bit of attention.  There was public school teacher Mom who was pregnant with her third and seemed worldly wise and a very involved mom. There was hippie mom who had stayed in a hotel the night before because her neighbors had polyurethaned their floors and she didn't want her boys breathing the poison (I of course started thinking about all the fumes we had been inhaling at the house!), and then wouldn't let me spray bug spray on pickle because that is also poison.  There was the mom with two bigs like me and then her little who was totally chill, and her daughter was chill too.  And finally helicopter mom whose entire parenting platform was to not use the word NO, but to over-explain every single reason why her toddler should or should not do any given thing. She was the most over protective mom I had ever seen and her CONSTANT narration of every single thing made me exhausted. I had to separate myself from her often.

Pickle and I were subsisting on our snacks and a pear I ate from the lone fruit bowl. I saw the caterers (who were cooking RIGHT next to where we were holding) leaving with sandwiches to take to the set and I intervened and was able to procure 3 sandwiches to share amongst us while we waited for what turned out to be pretty gross pizza.  It was a loaves and fishes moment. I could sense the other moms fading but I had committed to being a voice and energy for positivity because having been on the crew side of this situation I know how difficult it is for them and having negative energy on the mom side does NOT HELP.

Pickle was great though. I tried to keep her indoors and in the shade as much as possible but it really was a magical place and hard not to let her explore when we saw the COOLEST colored moths we have EVER seen, a giant frog sitting by a fountain and the biggest pig in the history of the word nursing her 2 week old piglets.  We had a great time.

After about 7 or 8 hours they were finally called to the set. They put her in shoes that were at least 4 sizes too big and set her up on a hay bail with a baby lamb named Belinda Carlyle.  It was so fun to see her reactions to the lamb jumping in her lap and see her try to feed it.

It was SO HOT out there even nearing 5 at night.  I was so relieved when the photographer called it. I mean, it was a long day of waiting for not a lot of "glory", but at the same time, it would have been SO HARD to get anything good out of these kids after the day they had and the lack of nutrition.

It was so nice to just drive 1 hour back home. Pickle fell asleep immediately. I love the adventures that living in the city brings.

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