Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mo tab

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir took a tour this summer to the Eastern Parts of the USA. We knew they were performing at Carnegie Hall but also upstate NY at Bethel Woods (which apparently is where Woodstock happened). Both places were about the same distance away from our house upstate, but we opted to see them UPSTATE instead of Carnegie Hall.

The weather was horrible! It was the end of June and raining heavily, harsh winds at 60 degree- weather.  It was crazy the conditions! We were outside, (thankfully covered) but the elements still affected the experience. I was so glad I grabbed a pair of gloves before I left the house. (See the two heaters on the stage?)
The organists' screens were blowing out of his view, the music was flying off the stands of the musicians! It was crazy! We tried to have a great attitude, and it wasn't hard because the choir is SO professional.  Their selections were really great-we especially loved the part where Alex Boye joined in. I think I understood that they have an album together? Not sure, but that would be one to own for sure.
Even though we were frigid we HAD to wait at the buses to see our MOTAB Member. Jason's cousin Ryan has been in the choir for years, and so we had a quick chat with him to tell him he did a great job and catch up....

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