Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I Knit: Zig Zag Dress

When I saw this ZIG ZAG dress on LionBrand.com I knew I needed one of my own. I had this stash of yarn from all of my travels and wool convention purchases and I knew they would all go great together in this dress!
I started over at least 3 times because the cast on was close to 500 and I kept TWISTING (even after some crazy efforts to NOT TWIST!)  On my 3rd frogging, I noticed JUST how wide the dress was going to be--I knew this was so that it would have ripples in it...but I decided halving that number would suit me just fine.

It's not that swishy, but I like that even better because you can really see the chevron stripes.  It also must have taken about HALF the time right?

I love how it turned out.  One of my favorite experiences in knitting is combing yarns to create a unique fabric. I used it ALL in this dress and I think it is splendid.

Special thanks to my 10 year old daughter for photographing the dress!

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