Thursday, June 25, 2015


Jason and I went up to the house for one of our final walk throughs. I will never forget the pit in my stomach when I peered outside under the eaves of the porch and saw 16 complete birds nests all set up like a little Robin Maternity Ward.  That day, Jason and I transitioned all at once from two little kids dreaming, to home owners in REALITY.  After that came the wasps and the ants and the snakes and the deer and now we are handling everything just fine...but that first moment, that FIRST intrusion had a very big impact.

Once we knew the nests were empty we knocked them all down. And then we did the same thing the next week and the next and the next and the next.  I had a feeling it was one Mama Robin making all of the nests. Is it normal for a Robin to make THAT many nests?  When I returned one week I saw one nest in particular that was VERY developed.  I tilted it toward me with my stick and spied a single Robin's Egg. That distinct blue! It is so vibrant and inspiring how could I knock it down? Luckily the egg stayed in the nest and the nest stayed in tact, I quickly pushed it back up into place.  Sidenote: she built that nest RIGHT above the plastic owl he had hung there to deter it. Literally, DIRECTLY above it.

I let her keep the nest and her egg.

I then did my research.  I was surprised there was only one egg, but Robins usually lay one egg a day up to 4 eggs.  Also, the NEST building ceased. This could be that the other robins were busy sitting on their respective nests elsewhere, but really I think it is because SHE was now nest bound and had stopped with her obsessive nest making routines.

I checked on the nest only a few weeks later and what I spied was 2 in tact eggs and one baby robin. Over that weekend all 3 of her babies hatched.

As I am in a particularly vulnerable time in my mothering and struggling quite a bit (if I am being honest) with mothering right now, it has been an inspiration to me watching this Robin prepare for her family.  I  can't believe how hard she worked on making all of those nests.  I cannot believe that she sits on her nest 50 out of 60 minutes per day and that she will do that for weeks.  Every time I checked on the nest over a few days time, another bird had hatched.  And every time I went back, she had cleaned the nest of any egg particles. She is spic and span, neat and tidy.

As we observe her from inside our house, it is usually just her sitting there keeping watch over her family, but one time we also spied Dad sitting next to the nest helping with a feeding.  Nature  continues to inspire and amaze me.  I am glad I let her set up house along side ours.  

I also took it as a sign that she didn't lay the four eggs, because 3 is enough.

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