Friday, May 8, 2015

Prom Night

We were invited to a Black Tie event with about 1 week's notice. Eek! We were also preparing to move up to our "Crunchy House" (as Pickle calls it) and it felt like absolute chaos.  After hours searching Rent the Runway and Bloomingdales and Shopstyle and every single website, I remembered ASOS!  I purchased about 5 pieces and had them shipped express.

While we waited for the dresses to come we went Tuxedo shopping--my favorite quote from the shopping trip:
JASON: This looks just like my suit. Only black.

I tried on all the choices and LUCKILY my first choice fit perfectly and I loved it. I tried on my second choice and the zipper got stuck. After 45 minutes having everyone try (kids, neighbor, husband) I finally seam-ripped the zipper off so that I could get on with my life. 

The event was the annual awards ceremony for the Becket Fund.  It was really interesting DELICIOUS food, great company and at the most beautiful Pierre Hotel.

This is one of the client's of Becket Fund:

I got my hair done at the braid bar at Birchbox. Best $30- I ever spent. It even lasted all day the next day too! I wore my great grandmother Mabel's crystals around my neck.

I felt so beautiful walking down the streets of New York City. So many people complimented me on the streets and at the event. It was nice to feel like NOT a shabby crazy Mom.

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  1. You both look so sophisticated and stunning together. Your hair......fab!