Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pickle Works: Cuddle Duds

After I took her to my audition in the morning, I decided to walk from the Wall street area to her job, thinking she would fall asleep in the stroller.  She eventually did fall asleep and so woke up ON SET.
Pickle had a few reservations when she arrived I think due to the fact that she had been sleeping and also because she hasn't worked enough to just turn it on.  

To my relief, one of the most experience wranglers I know, was on set! Joyce taught me a LOT about wrangling --just as I observed her with my own children while they modeled years ago.  She QUICKLY won Pickle over and she had a great time.  She and another little girl alternated wearing the variety of pjs and they were so fast---in and out.  Each of them tried on 5 or 6 pairs and had a great time with Joyce. Pickle had a really fun time.  

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