Sunday, May 31, 2015

my loves

Crunchy House

Obsessed with your temporary tattoo of a popsicle, called it a POCK-SICKLE

You are SUCH a toddler right now, you love to disobey....I'm getting tired.

You continue to hide something behind your back and say: I don't HAVE anyFing!

You climb in bed with SOMEONE every night.  I think it's sweet.

I love watching you start to understand the fact that we call 2 places home now.  I have heard you say things like "AnOVER house!"

You continue to articulate VERY past memories....even when you first experienced them you didn't have the words. You have INCREDIBLE place recognition and you are constantly saying: "MOM! Member when...."

Putting together the gossip bench with you was really fun. "Glass girls can do anything"

You want us to install the zip line SO BAD. You ask and ask and ask and ask.

You are very uncomfortable with the ants in our new house and you have gotten better.  You used to scream all the time and now you just say ANT very loudly.  You walk around looking down a lot.

You have shown a great deal of empathy to your school teacher whose father is going through cancer.

You have a zest for life that I admire so much.

All the kids at school know you and love you. You are like a little Pied Piper.

I love watching you dance and hearing you sing.

You are doing great in school. I love watching your art (especially) evolve.

You lost all your money and now you are trying to figure out ways to earn cash including getting $5- a book for summer reading. It's not summer yet!

My eyes have been opened to you and I am trying to give you more attention. You need it! I am seeing results in a better connection with you. I hope you feel it too.

Your hair is so pretty and long and it's looking a little less blonde. (sad face)

We went to a dinner with women we hadn't seen in a long time and they all commented on how TALL you are!

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