Monday, May 11, 2015

Moving Day!

On May 8th we closed on our house that we have been building since last fall!  Jason and I drove up to the lawyer's office only to find that our GPS had failed us. We had gone the complete opposite direction.  Thankfully we could fix it within a half hour and made it only 30 minutes late. Our builder's lawyer was an hour late, so we didn't feel AS bad as we initially felt. Jason was mad.  

After we signed our name a bajillion times and made small talk with the players involved, we owned a home! Again! We rushed home to pick up the rental truck and then headed to the storage unit. After 4 trips back and forth we were ready to headroom.  Jason drove through the gate to our parking lot and one of the lower outer tires hit the side and popped. It made the most horrible sound.  Our home teachers (the Bishop of our ward and one of his counselors) helped us load the truck and they all agreed Jason would be able to make it the few hours drive ON the bum tire. I was not pleased and also my words were not being heard, so I just prayed hard.

The next morning we headed to our new house! Once there our house boy (A 17-year-old local young man that we have hired to do the lawn etc.) met us and helped us unload and put together 3 of the beds.  It was a long day and we were exhausted after the weekend.  Things started looking good though even after a few days.  The house and basement especially were cold! It felt good! I hope that trend continues throughout the hot summer days.



  1. Congratulations! Your home is beautiful!

  2. If it ever gets too cold down there, put out a dehumidifier or two. Makes many degrees of a difference.