Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Carrie Visits!

Carrie had this special trip where she took her middle child solo to NYC for SEVERAL days! They were in Giddy NYC tourist mode which helped breathe a little air into our city that sometimes brings us down! We went on a walk through Central Park and just let our eyes guide us. We started at the carousel.  We had some memories from this from back when our oldests were babies.



This art exhibit has spools of cord that represent all the many miles you can walk in Central Park. I, of course, just think of it as spools of sewing thread.

We then headed down another memory lane moment at this giant slide:

Here is Our oldest daughters when they were babies, probably 2004:

And here we are recreating the above photo, even though Carrie thought we were recreating her SOLO photo...I knew something didn't seem right! ha!

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