Thursday, April 2, 2015

This is big

We have had our sights set on a change for our family for many years.  As we have watched the real estate market in our neighborhood explode, we have been torn about what to do with out growing family.  When I was growing u, over time family's would grow and Dad's jobs would go well and my friends and our family would upgrade to a bigger and better living situation.  Here in our neighborhood, we have basically been priced out of an upgrade.  To get just 500 more square feet of space in the sky would be a big stretch.  

We have been talking and planning and saving for years and finally decided to obtain a second property.  We found an awesome house last summer and went through weeks and months of negotiating a price.  After I attended the inspection I decided we needed to ultimately pass on the house.  There were a host of problems that our untrained eyes could not see upon visiting the home.  

We were disappointed but kept our feelers out. We have visited many homes and nothing felt right. One day I was paging through a magazine and saw a tiny ad that caught my eye. I knew this was it.  We got in touch with the builder and miraculously he had land in the exact town that we had been wanting to settle, in the exact amount of acres.  We have been working together since last August to build our retreat.  

It will be built in phases. Phase 1 is nearing completion and we should be able to move in next month!  Phase 2 will b next spring if we decide to move forward with a pool and phase 3 the next spring when we build a barn that is a garage and a small 2 bedroom "apartment" on floor 2.  Our hopes is to fill it with family as it stands now and as our daughters grow and have their own families. It is right around the corner!  

If we ever move up there full time I would love to have a few animals....and a party barn with a roller skating rink is my absolute dream--roller skating and chickens---I mean....come on.  But for now I am over the moon and over joyed and overwhelmed that we have been blessed to have this in our life.  I think it will benefit my children so much.  I am happy to be stepping out of the house vortex that has been my life this entire winter. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent in front of this computer trying to tell the difference between one toilet, oven, handle pull, wallpaper, paint color, yadda yadda and another.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and actually it's a house in the forest!

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