Thursday, April 30, 2015

my loves

you are getting more and more articulate.

your "booty dance"

I've never seen a girl collect as many sticks as you.
The other night you were standing up in the tub and peed, and I called you out on it and you completely denied it. It was so funny.

Playing doctor, I Asked: what is your baby's name? Her reply: Shly (like SHY with an added L)

Always wanting to watch a show in the car, I usually respond: Look out the window and use your imagination. One day whilst obeying she asked: What does a unicorn say?

I said to her: You are the FUNNIEST girl I've eve known, she replied: YES, I MAM

Still dress obsessed.

You also love Doc McStuffins and playing doctor

Waking up and the first thing out of your mouth is singing "Just around the river bend" only replacing river bend with LIVER LEND

Calling Pocahontas: Pocahonkus

YOU Love animals. 


you always want to talk about something in the future. You have ALWAYS done this: Let's talk about Texas, let's talk about Grammy's house, let's talk about Christmas and right now it's--Let's talk about the country house!

you resist reading, but when you like a book, you really love talking about it.

You turned 10 and I am not ok with that. Stop Growing.

you are your friends wrote a song for elephant activism. I loved watching the process of your composition. One of the gals in your band has a musician Dad and he helped a lot along the way. The final performance at school was very touching.

Teaching yourself to play the piano, love seeing your reactions when you succeed! You are thrilled.

Every night you ask me as I am tucking you in: What should I think about?

You are just growing and changing so rapidly. I feel I have to buy you clothes more often than the baby!

You keep saying: "I have big plans for the country house!" I can't wait to see them come together! I hope it is inspiring for you!

you still need hugs and loves from your Mom. I try to remind myself of that everyday. I am trying to keep the connection open even when I feel you shut it down. Let's hang on together ok?

you learned how to sew stitches on an actual pigs foot for a young woman activity. you loved it. you are so brave.

Oohing and AAhing over the metallic pink kitchen aid mixer, she asked me: "Mom, WHEN have you MIXED?:

Going on an adventure with your friends: the book signing of a youtuber! It was fun to see you adventure on your own!

First Chair Violinist at your concert was fun to see, as well as your duet that I didn't know about!

Going after those two youtube meet-ups this month. I was really proud of your sense of adventure and following through! I loved seeing you excited and enthusiastic!

You are such a great sister to the pickle:

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