Wednesday, April 1, 2015

my loves

When I tuck you in, you grab me and say: I'm NOT gonna letchoo go!

P: (holding a jar of honey) What's this?
ME: Honey
P: yes?
ME: No, I'm not calling you honey, it's honey.
P: What Mom?
...It was a serious bona fide WHOSE ON FIRST moment.

your language continues to be very fun to watch develop---the way you say chocolate chip - chockit chwit

After watching an episode of Dinosaur Train about mother's Day, she yelled across the room: "Happy MuhVers Day Hon!"

constantly holding something behind your back and approaching us with: I don't HAVE anyFing

I love when you and your sisters play and giggle. You ADORE them.

You knew we were leaving and knew you had just boycotted your nap, and brought me the ergo and asked if you could take a nap in it. Still my baby

I love your use of the word yarbomb and knitting.   You get it.

You and Darby were playing around, and you were smacking each other playfully. She ran away and I said: Go get her, and you asked: "with a knife?" in a devilish whisper.  (should I be concerned?)

While playing pretend ice cream, you handed me a cone and said: Enjoy yourself!

Your UTTER excitement when Doc McStuffins comes on.

you love putting your hand on my cheek.

you love our new book called KNIT TOGETHER.


you became a teenager this month.   

I loved planning surprises for you for your birthday. I was originally going to let the birthdays pass by as very low key due to budget restraints, but when I figured out I could make your day special for just a few hundred dollars, I went for it and I am so glad I did.  Your face when you opened the skateboard and your tears when your friends surprised you was PRICELESS

I LOVED your reaction when Lucy walked through the door. You are officially my FAVORITE person to surprise!

ON a shopping spree you came back with aviator sunglasses and a tiny little Gus-Gus mouse bean bag a la Disney Cinderella. Still a little tween in there.


"my style is like adventure style. My best colors are grey, blue and green.  When I wear those colors my eyes look like those colors, which isn't always the case with someone with blue eyes.  I really want to get better at putting stylish outfits together, and I want my style to be different from my older sisters style."

lately you have been talking a lot about activism--for civil rights and elephants and on and on---your teacher has a very strong influence on you in this regard.

your flute playing is really improving and it's fun to see how good you are becoming.

Your stress levels are cray cray---watching you navigate life is pretty fun.

while trying to get the printer to work: Pickle! So far I have found 2 pens and a key in this printer!

thanks for taking care of me when I got so sick.

thanks for working so hard for everyone. you are the most selfless person I know.

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