Monday, March 2, 2015

my loves


This is my VERY OWN PUPPY (pulling a turtle by it's measuring tape tail)....
ME: What's your puppy's name?

This conversation: ask me something, don't like the answer, and then you ask: WHY NOT? and it is the CUTEST inflection the most adorable thing I have ever heard, I just want you to task me WHY NOT every day.

Obsession with french fries and donuts.

You like to name your friends, and they can only be people around your size.

P: mom, look at my hair! I have ice cream in my hair....dontcha?

reflecting on pre-k...talking through all her friends from days gone  by: " And then, my best friend SOUTH AFRICA! I was devastated!" "And Jack, we would hold hands during music time but then the next day I was NOT INTERESTEd....I felt so guilty!"

Your positive energy is very contagious.

You are having a few friend issues and I really admire the way you are handling it with a mature attitude.

You are so devoted to your little sister. You play so well together.

You are getting so good at the flute!

I knelt down to pray and found all 3 girls "praying" across the tub from me.

sometimes I glance over at you and I am astounded at who you are! You are so grown up now!

We bought your first pair of adult size jeans at the gap this month (WHAT?) We are almost the same size!

When we talked to you about some family issues I saw some effort, which was nice to see your response.

Obsessed with ONCE UPON A TIME

Still trying to figure out how you can get a smart phone.

you're the man.

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