Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Loves


Reading scriptures together, you wanted to take a turn after every verse, and you always said: And it came to Pass, Jesus lived in the temple.

Your pronunciation of Boots kills me.

Calling Oatmeal: Ompala

Look Mom! It's Snowing outside.....dontcha?  (nice try incorporating phraseology, but not quite the right spot)

When you found me in my bed, you crawled in with me. I teared up and then you left and made this announcement: "Guys! Mommy is Cy-ing!"

How do you spell you name ? "P, Pie, P, P, A"

Using Maybe, Because and Why Not in conversation now...and continuing to use DONTCHA in the absolutely wrong context.

Getting glimpses of you as a 16 year old

Enduring the Beehive/Deacon activity even though none of your true friends were there (they are older!)

Watching you rehearse Robin Hood, especially when you are playing Robin (Robin is played by 5 different kids in the class).

Hearing you practice--you are getting so good!

Zipping your hoodie all the way up over your face and walking to your room, you walked right into the wall and hurt yourself. and we all thought it served you right.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn a lot about patience as you have a very poor tone when you speak to me most of the time.

Being so sad to leave Grammy's house. Wanting to turn around when we were only a few hours from home.

Getting the reading bug with Hugo Cabret

Praying for me. Giving me pep talks.

I'm glad you like practicing now. I love listening to you play.

Trying to be the peacemaker  always is a role I appreciate you and also feel bad that you feel you have to play it.

You are SUCH a great and loving sister to Pickle, I wish you were having the same experience with your older sister

When you realized the truck delivering food for those in our congregations who need it, broke down, you jumped into action renting a truck and I didn't see you for several hours after that--making sure everybody got what they needed when you were planning on having a relaxing Saturday--the only day you get to rest.

Our responses to emails and situations are sometimes identical which cracks me up.

Thanks for your empathy and trying to be my friend. You are a great husband.

Planning for the snow was fun--you had a backpack all ready and a plan to leave your car and made sure everybody was safe and sound.

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