Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Knit: Granny Square Raglan Pull Over

I saw a sweater at the Lion Brand Studio Store in NYC. I loved it. I then did a little research and found a few images of people wearing it and LOVED IT.

Lately I have been very drawn to Alpaca Wool and natural fibers with a little sparkle. I have a problem where I just grab one skein of something that suits my fancy and then my only option is to make a hat.  I love making hats but I have too many.

This sweater was the answer to my problem because I got to use a little bit of each yarn in the making of it!

Also I had imagined this heathered alpaca I bought as the sleeve and back and I was so excited.

As I got started I realized I probably wouldn't have enough of the heathered alpaca so I used this beautiful pinkish purple tweed I got at Vogue Knitting Live for the back.  I started running out so I created a yoke of stripes for the back from same yarn as the granny square.

The sleeves were made according to pattern and I thought they were too short, but then I saw in the photo that her sleeves were 3/4 length. I added an extra long ribbing wrist cuff

As I was piecing it together I realized my sleeves were not fitting with the granny square.  I had knit a gauge and done everything correctly, but there was a snafu and I couldn't get my head through the neck hole.  

I was pretty proud of myself because I figured out how to pick up some stitches on the top of my already finished sleeve and created a triangle that allowed for just enough space for the neckband.  I did the same thing on both sides and it fixed the problem! I was SOOOOOO proud of myself, like I am still beaming about it weeks later.  I love it. It's warm, it fits me perfectly, it's all my favorite colors and yarns and it was knit AND crochet and the end.

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