Monday, January 12, 2015

I Read: My Story by Elizabeth Smart

I'll never forget the day they found her---that image of her with braids, wearing grey getting in or out of a car, tucked into her parents....I remember thinking: what in the world has she been through? I want to know right now. But, I know I will have to wait and I know she will write a book, someday I will read it.

I saw her sitting across from me on the subway a few years ago. I was 95% sure it was her, but what do you say to Elizabeth Smart?  And then months later I walked past her in a hotel in Kentucky and I Thought--what are the chances I have now crossed her path twice in a short amount of time?

I had to talk to her.

I don't know what I was very brief and she was so awkward that I ended it for both of us.  When I see her on camera I think she does such a wonderful job, but I don't think she would have naturally been a public speaker if this hadn't happened to her.  Her most impressive delivery I recently found on Tedx -- What strength! I watched this right when I finished the book, and I am truly in awe of all she has been through.

It is a rough read, but quite inspiring.

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  1. I was surprised by how positive I felt after reading it. Sometimes you read things and you just feel dark and heavy afterward, but I felt like I was filled with so much hope. I think that just says volumes, not only about how she got through the experience, but how she wants others to view her experience. Very inspiring.

    And I've had dinner with her! Very kind and reserved.