Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Knit: Enchanted Mesa

I have this habit of purchasing a single skein of yarn when I go on vacation or visit a new yarn store. I never have a project in mind, I just WANT THAT YARN.  I could make hats with all of this yarn, or I could look for a pattern where I can throw it all into one garment.  Behold, my 2nd EVER attempt at a sweater, and the solution to my ONLY 1 SKEIN problem: Stephen West's Enchanted Mesa Sweater.
I used my absolute favorite alpaca from the Long Island Livestock Company for the cowl--it's SO soft made of this natural alpaca fibre with an ever so slight pink sheen to it.  The yoke uses 4 different yarns that I have acquired over the years...I love how they turned out:

The body is another LI Livestock --it's more of a tweedy blend, again SO delicious and SO soft.  The sleeves have the same yarn as the cowl, only I mixed the very top of the yoke's yarn with the bottom part of the sleeve to incorporate that color way one more time.  These pix really don't do the sweater justice. There is texture, sparkle, flecks of color, asymmetry and softness. I am IN LOVE with it.

I even got to HUG and POSE with the designer himself at Vogue Knitting Live: 

I did wear it to church as a first try and made a note not to wear the shorter sleeve on my dominant hand, as it makes it difficult to conduct the choir at choir practice. But It's totally fine for yarn shopping and also TOTALLY reversible, problem solved.

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