Thursday, January 22, 2015


We don't walk through Central Park as often as we did last year.  On a cold January day we found ourselves taking that old familiar walk.  As we started out I said: Imagine coming to visit NYC as a tourist in JANUARY---that's crazy!  And then suddenly we saw so many cool things---the guy out making giant bubbles, a horse and carriage all dressed in pink and then we noticed a girl in galaxy leggings fussing with her feet and realized she was a ballerina!
We talked to her a while about her life and her work and found that she had a hashtag and she comes and dances by the fountain quite a bit. She told us that she had had the toes of her shoes treated with everything you could think of to try to keep them from getting so many holes from dancing on the brick.  

She was very nice and sweet and suggested we pose for a photo. I just love Pickle in this:

She can't seem to go anywhere without her dress on, so this winter she always looks a bit ragamuffin with all her layers.

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