Monday, December 8, 2014

Toddler Profiling

It has begun. The general public participating in my parenting.  It really didn't happen that much while Pickle was a wee one, but it is now in FULL FORCE.  I swear people just look at her and judge her. Of course she is busy, curious, high energy...but she is a pretty well behaved baby.
My favorite scene lately was at Trader Joes.  This is actually more a story about a CLASSIC New Yorker than a bad toddler...

She was in the grocery cart holding a pretzel bread. I usually give her one to eat while I shop (sidetone: I am GROCERY SHOPPING now. I love Trader Joes, I don't even care that it's out of the way).  She threw it on the ground and this middle aged New Yorker man picked it up, gestured towards her face with the bread and said: " Now you don't get it anymore!" and then walked away and I assume threw it in the trash.

Oh my goodness I thought it was hysterical. It was as if he were her father or my spouse.  He never checked in with me, looked at me, followed through, circled back...he just PARENTED that child. I loved it.

However, lately I have been getting more cranky comments from employees of various establishments where I am a patron. The lack of patience is astounding.  I feel like when we enter a place people immediately assume that she is going to break something or do something bad.

Thankfully my pain bodies are low right now so I have been able to cycle through my coping mechanisms rapidly and let it go. I am letting it go maybe 1 beat later than I would like, but I think it's because I wasn't ready for it! Now I'm ready and expecting the toddler profiling, so now I can be better prepared.

Small announcement that isn't really an announcement because I am not totally ready to announce yet, but I'll just call it a beta version of a little weekly parenting channel I just created. One of my videos is talking about the toddler profiling episodes of this past week. (Thankfully I am not vlogging about grammar --what was that last paragraph?) 

I'd love to hear your toddlers-in-public nightmare/funny/crazy stories over there on the channel.

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