Thursday, December 4, 2014

On Driving

Last Sunday I drove Jason's Cadillac CTS (?) home from church.  Almost the entire time there was a steady stream of vibrations in my seat, in and around my hips and backside.  I kept saying to my daughter and passenger that I was feeling these weird vibrations.  We decided that since his phone is hooked up to the car that it must be text or email notifications.  Every time I felt something I would look in the screen through the steering wheel to see if there was any further information I could glean.    about these vibrations.

When I got home I said: You are very popular honey! So many texts!  He was confused and I explained the vibrations.

He then responded: those vibrations are to keep you alert! When it vibrates, you are too close to something.

HA! Of course....that's how I roll.  SOOOO glad I didn't hit anything with the company car.

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