Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Loves


"it's a BIT hot"

"yes thank you, my darling."

Falling asleep for nap time holding hands, face to face

Toddlerexia. You don't eat enough! Your BMI is now 13% you are a tall little lady

Behaving so well for your check up (Katch up).  You love playing doctor right now so it was a treat for you (until the shots part)

You and Win are SO SO SO cute right now.

I wore a scarf over my curlers to the store and you called me Mary over and over for about 2 hours. Using Mary much more than you even use Mommy.

Playing Mary and Baby Jesus. Monkey makes a great baby Jesus.

Sitting SO WELL for your first live show--Charlie Brown Christmas! Even in the cold theatre your attention was rapt.


"let's talk about Grammy's house" over and over and over and over and over

Handling all the stress of your many many performances

Getting a really great grade on your juries!

Your smile lights up EVERYTHING around you.

You are so articulate.

So many people and many adults (your teachers, my friends) really love spending time with you. As my friend Ariel recently put it: You're rocking it right now.


Trying so hard on your physics project. 

Learning how to study--making improvements in German

Your excitement around Secret Santa.

Bearing your testimony in church.  I know you feel a bit shy about it and sometime your thoughts are disjointed, but I can see when you express yourself that your testimony is growing.

Your beauty is growing!  Holy Moly slow down girl.

Your hair looked so wind blown and beautiful after you came in from recess.

The energy and dedication you put into that first basketball game was amazing. You WORKED the entire game and did so well.  I was so proud of you.

Being so excited about our future plans.

Working so hard for the family.

Spending SO MUCH time on that physics project with D only to have it not work, and then being so thrilled when she was able to figure it out at school with the teachers there.

Not quitting the half marathon.

Making Christmas happen (ALL THE HANDMADE things I decided to make this year took HOURS !!!)

Love Scarf Project: I am really thrilled that I decided to put my energy into that and the response was incredible.

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    New project?!?!