Thursday, December 11, 2014

Macy's Santaland

This may be my cutest Macy's Santaland capture in 13 years of going.  I love her little outfit and smile.
 Our bow didn't make it from home to Santaland so thankfully there was a BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP right outside the entrance and I bought some teddy bear sparkly bows for her hair.
These two are the cutest friends.  I loved their HUG pose.

Confession: we went through twice. I was hoping to get a different Santa even though every elf will maintain there is only one Santa. (Explain this then, elves).   

The elves recognized us and sent us to the same Santa, (the ONE Santa), and Pickle was good to just watch from a few feet away the second time.

Apparently there are express passes to Santaland available to reserve online now. I see no reason for me to do that because I have never once had to wait in a line. I always go the second week of December on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 9/10 in the morning. It is like our own personal experience. No express pass needed.

Video Here.

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