Friday, December 26, 2014

Handmade Christmas

Sometimes I get a creative bee in my bonnet. This time, I think it started when I discovered Erika Barratt's beautiful rag dolls, and then saw them in person at Renegade.  At $350- I knew if I was going to have a handmade rag doll Christmas, it would need to be created out of my own hands.

 I love this one's blue hair and eyebrows to match. I fashioned her a cashmere sweater with pom pom collar out of a thrifted sweater. Her skirt also has pom-poms on the hem and a neon orange elastic waist band with a lace trim overlaid on top. I am still finessing my neck join technique, so I added some navy chain to conceal it!

Below are a bear, elephant and the FIRST rag doll I attempted. I used patterns for the animals and her dress from a book I scored on Amazon for $3- (it's no longer $3- but I got it for that!)

This doll turned out near perfect. I love the button details, her hair-do and her outfit. That floral fabric is actually bias tape!

The final doll I made her dress out of a shirt and dress my daughters had put in the giveaway pile. I knitted her that scarf! I love her hair too.

This was my first attempt (and success!) at button holes!
I love these felt buttons I got at purls oho.

I also made mermaids -- pattern also from the above linked book: Wee Wonderfuls.  Pickle LOVES mermaids so I made her a trio:

I purchased a felted ocean play mat on etsy to go with her mermaids. Beautiful.

This doll was my first attempt. I wish I had stuffed her more firmly, and the hair was a trial but I finally liked the outcome.

I used this pattern as the basis for my dolls (shrunk to 70%), but improvised the face based on Erika's dolls.

I liked the texture I got from untwisting the yarn.  I untwisted even more after this photo.

I am not sure the girls appreciated the very many hours went into the making of these dolls, but it doesn't matter because I know I spent my December thinking of my beautiful daughters (and sister, I made one for her too) and put lots of love into every stitch.

Finally, I felted these little guys for the Pickle. Felting takes a LONG TIME and it feels like luck most of the time if something turns out in just the right spot or somewhat symmetrical.

The bed and bedding is mailed.

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