Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brooklyn Holiday Half

My friend Annie convinced me (and a few others) to run a half marathon with her yesterday.  Once I committed I had just enough time to train up to it.  I hadn't run barely at all over the summer since I was battling pregnancy symptoms, so I was a little out of shape.  

My first trial run I did about 4-5 miles and so I knew I could conquer the training.  However, I quickly got caught up in some IT band pain.  During my 6 mile run I fought through the pain until my body physically would not run.  I started stretching and training very little during the week and got through my 7, 8 and 9 mile runs.  During my 9-mile run I really pushed through the pain and my ability to run started to be compromised.  

Jason and I talked about it (because he has had an IT band issue in the past as well) and decided I should stretch and rest for 4 weeks.  I did that, running for the first time at the jingle bell jog LAST Saturday-- 4 miles went really well.

I'm glad I did a trial run of the green metallic leggings. They are AWESOME but not for running.  

I got my Team Sparkle on and went for it at the Brooklyn Holiday Half.  

Here we are carbing up the night before:

It was an out and back marathon along the shore, where we did the same loop twice in a row.  The wind was at our backs on the way out and against us on the way in....the last leg was wind against us which was deadly.

I lost one glove within the first mile so gave up my other one when I saw Jason because I like things to be even and my hands were plenty warm by then.  I then lost my Grinch hat before I got to the 3-ish mile turn around. I was disappointed because I wanted to run as the grinch! I had thought about fashion taping it to my running hat but never did! MISTAKE!

I started feeling my IT band before mile 4.  As I headed back to the Start/Finish line for my second loop I seriously considered quitting, because I thought I could maybe make it to the check point again (mile 9), but then I would be ALL THE WAY out at the turn around and half to walk all the way back.

I went back and forth between thoughts: My friends are here! My sparkle team is here running with me! My family is on the race course. I rested for a month just to quit?  I can't finish last of all my team, I can't walk this....I have to run because I'm here, I can't let my team down.

None of these thoughts convinced me to keep going....finally this is what did it: I am running this for myself, I can't let myself down.
And isn't that the gift of running in general and specificly running something hard?---a lesson. Don't let MYSELF down. 

Mantras I adopted along the way:

I can do hard things.

I am going to have to work for this one.


Show my daughters that I don't quit.


Once I could see the finish line I had been quite hungry for at least a mile.  I started feeling woozy...I hoped I would not faint.  My hands were so cold, I was just balling them in fists. I was leaning into the wind to try to break it the best I could.  I just stared at my shoes for miles.  Around Mile 9 the pain in my IT band was joined by my opposite knee, hips and toes.  It was one of the more brutal races I have run.
But I finished. I finished quicker than I expected at 2:20:17.
As the day progressed I got more and more sore.  I took a tylenol upon retiring because I did not want pain to wake me, I needed to rest after that.  

The moral of my story: maybe I shouldn't try to keep up with my friends in their twenties...because it hurts.  Also, I am going to try hard not to let myself down in everything I do.

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  1. Oh my dear! I am so inspired by your tenacity. And you had a great time, btw! So happy you finished. Now you have no regrets.