Thursday, November 27, 2014


This year we braved the cold and headed to the parade (again). It was Jason and Ph's 13th CONSECUTIVE parade! That is QUITE an accomplishment.  We have recruited more and more crazy people each year.  This year's group was pretty big.

We have a new spot! We now watch it on 6th ave. near 56th street. It's great because there are businesses open that we can pop into get warm and get provisions, the parking garages and subways are close and the car we hired got us very close to our spot.  

As we waited we started getting excited to pass the time and learned that someone across the street had a birthday. We then sang her every birthday song we know. It was great fun.  Although I really wanted to be a clown this year--and was for about 1 week until it fell through, I am going to try EVERY YEAR until I succeed!  

Here are a few snaps.

After the parade we headed to CT for dinner! Caleb made us the most delicious feast. It took FOREVER to get there because apparently every other New Yorker had the same plan as us! Grrrr....but we made it through and had a great time.

I brought Magnolia Bakery's Banana Pudding...soooo good:

And then I saw this on Facebook and thought....NO.

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