Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Loves

"BE NICE!" BE NICE!" Hands up in a HUSH HUSH motion--every time my tone rachets up on her sisters

Dramatically looking me in the eye, touching my face: "I love you.........You have to go."

Obsession with dresses continues

Every Sunday insisting on wearing her sisters flats to church.

I was giving a talk in church and in the middle of the talk I said: Actually, Pickle reminded us of our family prayer this morning. And from the pew you raised your hand and exclaimed: "I'm Pickle!" It was one of the most awesome toddler moments ever.

We asked you to point to your brain and were surprised when you pointed right to your head, until we realized that you thought we said BRAID.

You are loving Christmas and really really really showed concern for  how YOU were going to be able to reach the top of the tree to put the star on.

Jason was saying how he would just like some alone time with me and she asked: to do what?  Bake Cookies? And Jason said: yes, BAKE COOKIES. 

And then she responded in this tone like: "is THAT what the kids are calling it these days!" way and encouraged us to bake cookies all the time because she wanted a little cookie sister.

I noticed this bizarre fashion in the window of Zara with two zippers on the front of the blouse. I commented that it was new nursing wear, when babies are hungry they can just unzip their moms blouse for access.  You said: "How could I be more glad to have you as my mom than in this moment?"  We went on to discuss this sentiment and she concluded: You're so free with your language!

Loving your family and wanting us to have so many special times together.  Before one I really yelled at you and you were so heartbroken, I felt very bad. You are so forgiving.

Having the BEST parent teacher conference. You are doing SO WELL in school and I am so proud of you.  

I was laying in bed and asked you to ask Dad to get me some Orange Juice.  You went in the kitchen and said: Mom wants you to get her some orange that CODE?

NOT wanting to match with me for the mother daughter pajama party....but I think you really were okay with it in the end.

Becoming more and more independent getting yourself places around the city.  I can't believe we are here at this place and also I am really proud of you.

My nose keeps sweating! {That's grease honey, puberty.}

Oh the ups and downs!  

I really appreciate you cleaning up ALL THE PUKE from Pickle's huge puke. I was so proud of the way you just stuffed kleenex up your nostrils and jumped in and cleaned it ALL UP while I was dealing with her.

Being really excited about black friday.  

Just wanting me to finish the marathon shadowboxes already.

Having the idea to go to the outlets for black friday shopping and making us get up early and it was actually fun!

Getting through 1 year of being the stake president.

Thank you for forgiving me when I deleted all of our important life financial information (by accident of course)

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