Monday, November 17, 2014

I Knit: Stephen West Syncopation Adoration Hat

There is this knit designer who I love. He has the coolest style and photos of his pieces.  I wanted a hat that would call attention to myself at Sheep and Wool so that people would read the vest I wore with all the Love Scarf Project info.  I struggled with his pattern and only had 3 days so I took his pattern as inspiration and just improvised the rest. I love how it turned out!

The pattern is free! Syncopation Adoration.

I loved combining two different yarns to get the cool brioche effect. I especially love the center panel of the aqua and the yellow/aqua yarn.  

So cool right?

I made some mistakes with the brioche so I added rows of just plain garter to sort of restart each section, and towards the top I Was having a difficult time figuring out how to decrease in brioche so I just switched to herringbone in the round which I love!!!!

Why didn't I ever think of making a CRAZY pom pom? sooooo good.

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