Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Half Marathon Training

I have noticed a trend in my life...whenever I am trying to work something out I take to the course and run.  I actually feel finally almost completely recovered from the miscarriage. Emotionally came much faster than physically.  I ALMOST feel back to square 1.  Running and exercising has helped me feel at least like I am making an effort!

A friend decided to run the Brooklyn Holiday Half in December and quickly several of us joined her team.  Unfortunately both of us are suffering from some IT band in the end we may just run a mile, walk a mile.  

We had a friend not running with us take our pic before we started, and she TOTALLY left our leader friend out of this pic!  It was kind of funny because she ended up not being able to finish either, so she thought it was apropos that she was left out of the pic too!

We ran 9 miles.  Around mile 5 my knee started talking to me but I pushed through anyway. There is only so much of that you can do before your IT band will not let you take another step.  But, I actually got through the entire 9 miles.

I planned the run so that I could leave my house, and then end up at Phoebe's friends house right at 10 to pick her up.  It was REMARKABLE...I hit 9 miles at exactly 10 o clock on their front stoop. Technology is so awesome.  I used the USA track and field website and the strava app.

During our miles around central park we ran upstream of the 60K NYRR race. These runners were circling Central Park 10 times!  I saw a fellow Team Sparkler and knowing I would get to see her one more time as we crossed on the opposite side GOT ME THROUGH that hard part. In fact she rounded the bend at the end of her course, JUST as I was about to pass it, so I took her picture. WHAT an Inspiration!

I am so frustrated because I feel mentally and physically excited to run this half in a few weeks, but I'm bound by this dumb IT band issue.  I think I am going to stretch and rest for the next several weeks and hope I can just pull 13 miles out of the air on the day of the race!

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