Thursday, October 2, 2014


Lolly: I just LOVE the word FRESH

How was school?

It was  a Glory

Mom, do you think 100 men could hold up a tree?

All of your observations/questions while watching L of the's like you have never seen it before.

Finally! You like reading.

Loving gymnastics

Being so good to Pickle.


Hair tutorials in the bathroom--loving all the braids and such coming out of there

Trying so hard at Volleyball and even though there are hard parts about it, sticking with it.

When you are your true self, loving and agreeable and fun, I enjoy you very much.

Being a great big sister to the Pickle.

You are growing up to be a beautiful young woman. I am thrilled your hair is still so light, so pretty.

Caring SO MUCH about getting good grades


Getting stuck in the praying position in the crack of your murphy bed---your Dad and I trying to get you out of that pickle in the middle of the night. oh my.

LOVING your kitchen.

Calling Grammy for pretend and for real.

Listening to the voicemail messages from Grammy over and over.

5 words in a row.
"Can I try that?"
"I can't like it"
"I can't want that"
"I'm so sorry"
"I like Cousin Derek"
"Cousin Derek so funny"

your dragon roar
you are becoming
Oh Goodie (from Peppa Pig)

I went to tuck you in, and in your sleep you said "M&M's!" 4 times and then smiled and started funny.


Surprising me in the gym at 6 AM--I didn't know you would be there! It was fun to see you!

Taking care of business while I was away on girls weekend-locker put together, drain stopper replaced, faucet fixed.

Asking all the questions

Saving all the $$

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