Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween 2014

I discovered BBC's Land Girls last year, and quickly became obsessed. Of course they only made 3 seasons (just like CALL THE MIDWIFE darn it)...but I knew who we had to be this Halloween! Shucks, I am growing my own Women's Land Army right here in NYC!

The hair was a LOT easier to do on someone other than myself. I was STUNNED at how well it turned out for Lolly---her hair is SO THICK, Ia m so happy with the end result.
Pickle could not WAIT to get that red lipstick okn. What a sweetie. She was so weirded out by the whole night.

As Phoebz put it, it looked like I did my hair and then worked in the fields all day--well that's accurate with our costume right?

Someone thought Jason's uniform was authentic! HA! Nope, $30- on ebay!


  1. Love the costumes and love the show! Still haven't seen season 4!