Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Favorite NYC

Friends, people (friends, family, strangers) ask me this question constantly, and I am always RE writing this list of my favorite TO DO's in NYC

I can't believe I haven't done this on the blog somewhere before.....so I just copy and pasted a little mail I sent to my cousin's daughter a while back, and maybe if I remember it is here I will add to it!

Here are my favorite NYC things to do…..let me know if you need anything else! or follow up questions.

Rock Center:
· Best view is TOP OF THE ROCK (way better than Empire)
Basement of Rock has good little food places to grab a quick bite: I like POTBELLY sandwich works (get the oatmeal choc chip cookie, best in the city) and Hale and Hearty Soup and also jacques torres chocolate
Today show tapes out there in the morning, also meredith vier a—you can request tickets on her website
· Lego Store
· American Girl
· Anthro
· Magnolia Bakery
· St. Pats Church
· 47th st. b/n 5 and 6--gold/diamond district
· 5th Avenue: this part of 5th has HEAVY HITTING shopping: tiffany, cartier, niketown, nba store, etc. bergdorf, bendel.
You can walk north to be at the southern edge of central park and see
· FAO Schwarz
· Flagship APPLE store
· Horse and Carriages
· up into the zoo and up north to around 65th-Central Park Zoo
· forever 21
· The Green Market: is a lot of fun
· Walk west to 5th avenue-5th ave down here has some of my fave shops
Free People
New Balance
Run Nike
Kate Spade
Mac Cosmetics
· walk north to 23rd st. to see the Flat Iron Building.
· Eat at the original SHAKE SHACK: in Madison Square park---get a concrete and a shackburger and don't skip the fries---line is worth the wait
· EATaly: is fun to walk through-never bought anything there
· Books of Wonder: is a great childrens book store with beautiful antique books too
· City Bakery: pretzel croissant, hot chocolate (not really a beverage)
· Lion Brand studio: a beautiful, inspiring yarn store
· ABC carpet and home
· Fishs Eddy
· Max Brenner: if you want to splurge on a meal---SO GOOD---ask your Dad if you can treat your friends! one night ; )
this is DOWNTOWN....very new york
· Sigmund's Pretzels: !!! MUST MUST EAT—check hours before you go because I think they are only evening hours now
· Economy Candy
· Tompkins Park: walk north to get there. Watch out for the homeless druggies
· Fabulous Fannies: after Tompkins walk here and go through the antique stores around there
(There are a lot of cool shops around here-most of them do not open until noon or 1 pm)
· Stomp might be around here too if you want to see a show
· Downtown yarns
· Katz Deli: I think this is famous--I have no experience
· Temple!
· The Met (opera)
· Julliard
· Lincoln Center
· Apple Store
· Century 21 (much smaller than downtowns)
· Papa Beards Cream Puffs
· Lush
· Le Vein Bakery: best cookies
· Alice's Tea cup: my fave--get a pumpkin scone to go if you can't sit and eat--say YES to the cream and jam
· Knitty City: great yarn store
· Good Enough to Eat: bacon waffles with strawberry butter!
· Sarabeths: muffins
· Jonathan Adler store
(Whenever you see a Housing Works, probably worth a look-cool vintage/second hand finds)
· Chelsea Market!!!!!
· Highline
· Meat Packing District
· Sprinkles Cupcakes: best in town--banana with chocolcate frosting my fave
· Patsy's pizzeria: several locations--best pizza
· Dylan's Candy bar
· Madison and Lexington: Fancy stores
(you will see crazy plastic surgery on the UES)
· Smorgasbord and Flea: great---here on a weekend? google that too
· Grimaldis: is the famous pizza place people go to underthe Brooklyn Bridge in brooklyn but there is another place on 6th ave (I think) that not a lot of people know about---very delicious, cash only
· google: Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake at Stand
· Smores Milkshake (a burger place??)
· People like MIlk Bar: ....interesting cookies and shakes (pretzel shake???) I didn't love it
· Serendipity: frozen hot chocolate has a big draw---you could skip it....probably not worth the wait in line (though I know that’s a must for you ky so don’t you worry we’ll go J)
Central Park
· marionette theatre location and the shakespeare garden is so pretty (might not be quite yet when you come) and it is near Belvedere Castle ....and the ramble.
· Do you run? the Central Park loop is 6.2 miles...might be fun to run it or take a bike ride. You could run the reservoir too
Not a huge fan of Times Square--its becoming more and more like vegas ew. I avoid it.
· Chinatown and little Italy: they’re fun too-lots to look at as you walk up and down the blocks
· Soho: you could go then head over there
· Broadway and West Broadway: have the best stores
· Broome, Prince, Spring etc.: walk between them too for really unique shops (My Faves:
Rachel Ashwell
Mac cosmetics

Hampton Chutney
C Wonder
Kate's Paperie

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  1. Get the cupcakes at Sprinkles but get the BANANA PUDDING at Magnolia. Mmmmmmmm.