Friday, October 10, 2014

A little business

Hey ya'll!

1. Meet the Mormons is in theaters this weekend! Check it out!  I saw it last week and it was so good. Here I am with Jenna Kim Jones, who is the host of the movie.  It was really good! I laughed a lot and cried also.

2. Love Scarf Project is in full swing. I just had an idea of how to promote it MORE, so stay tuned for that....  Please please please knit or crochet something!  Send it to me!

PO BOX 1151
LIC NY 11101

3. Hartford Marathon! Jason is running TOMORROW! Saturday! If you live nearby come cheer! I will be tweeting his outfit and pace!

4. Indianapolis Marathon! Jason will be running that on Saturday the 18th! We can't be there to cheer for him, so will you do it for us?

5. Have you been following my costume clues on Instagram and Twitter?

Any guesses?

6. My etsy shop is closing on October 26th, so if you want to snag something, now is the time!

See you later, thanks for stopping by!

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