Monday, September 8, 2014

Last One..I promise

I took the girls to a back-to-school tea party last Tuesday.  It was a very hot day out, but we found solace in the lovely air conditioning at Po Dunk tea house.  

The beautiful herbal tea was sublime and the food a delicacy. After that we did a little last minute shopping as we were looking for a few back to school items.  

As we boarded our last transfer I started feeling pain in my back.  The moment I walked through the door I started bleeding through my clothes and spent the next 45 minutes resisting and then giving in to the urge to push and expelled clot after clot of what I lovingly call CONCEPTION MATERIAL.

Finally it was over.  I had some bleeding over the next week that petered out like a normal period, but THAT afternoon was the big event.  I was so so so grateful I made it home, as the tea house had no bathroom options and the only one we used that day was at a Starbucks in the village.  

I would have ended up passing all of that in the Union Square Park bathrooms which is a sketchy, sketchy place.

I feel so flabby from a sedentary summer and elevated hormone levels that have displaced my fat stores to undesirable places.  I have committed to work out in some fashion EVERY DAY this next week and hopefully I can keep it up until I feel a bit back to normal.

I think waking up before the kids will also help me feel ready for bed at the right time at night too.  It's SO great to wake before the children but I have found it SO HARD to do over the years.  I realized the other day though, when I was given the opportunity to sleep in, that it feels the same whenever I wake up or no matter if I got 7 or 9/10 hours of sleep---that moment between asleep and awake is always hard for me to overcome, but it only takes a few minutes to overcome it! I have to keep remembering that as I take on this new challenge--GET IN SHAPE GIRL! (Anybody remember that from the 80's childhood!)

The girls are back and school and having a great time.  As hard as I try to occupy their summer with knowledge and experience, there is NOTHING like routine and sports and music and friendship, even though DAY 2 of school I have already gotten the "someone in your childs class has lice" email. SERIOUSLY?

Pickle is still thriving but I DO feel guilty her sisters (who are her new BFF's) have abandoned her and she is not participating in school at age 2 (like her sisters did), so I have bought her a new kitchen because she LOVES cooking me is coming this week and I may be more excited than her.

I think she will love it.  

Thanks for reading and for your support this past week or so.  As I testified in church yesterday....we can still be a light even in the darkest weeks of our lives.  A physical death of the body is much more painful than death of the spirit, and trials make my spirit that much stronger.

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