Monday, September 22, 2014

I Listen: Goldfinch

I had heard about the Goldfinch from my mom and a few friends. When I saw it was an audiobook I could borrow from the lib ray, I jumped at it.  The reader was actually an actor I had worked with many years first I thought this would be really weird, and I admit I did sort of picture the main character looking just like this actor...but I have to say he did a brilliant job of portraying the MANY MANY different characters in this epically long audiobook.

Listening to the book I found it to be quite musical. Whenever the author took a moment to describe an environment, she often had a rhythm pattern of 3's.  The actor seemed to pick up on this too as he was surprising that a book had a sense of music to it.

Also, the writing and detail was so good.  Much of the book takes place in NYC, and her accuracy in describing streets, neighborhoods, doormen was spot on.  I kept thinking I would walk by the Met and see a part of her story (not going to spoil it).

The book is good because of her descriptions and also the imaginative nature of the plot and the relationships she creates.  Warning, it is a tragedy, until the end where she does try to end on a less than tragic if you are not in the mood for that, I would skip it. 

Second warning: it's REALLY long.


  1. find her book "The Secret History"!

  2. That is called anapestic meter! Or dactylic meter...depending on which syllable is stressed. That is really interesting. I wonder why she chose to do it when talking about the environment. I should read it, but it'll be a while.

    I love when you write book review posts! They're my favorite. Along with "My Loves" posts