Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Toddlers are these magical little people. They start talking and learning and doing in ways that you have already seen your other two girls do when they were toddlers, but it is still fascinating because it is new for her and she is growing and changing almost every day.  [that sentence though, I know, just ignore bad grammar and keep reading.] Her words and vocabulary and the way she communicates is endearing and fun and she makes us laugh all day.  

This past month has been a big one for Pickle as she has solidified her potty training and transitioned to her big girl bed.  She has learned how to say her sisters names and she requests them all the time especially when it's time for bed.  She can also say her full name which is so sweet and she gets caught up in the difference between WHAT'S YOUR NAME and HOW OLD ARE YOU?  

She likes to list things: Swimsuit, Goggles, Wawee.  She likes to talk about the process of swimming almost daily.  She thinks that anybody who cries needs to go " Nigh- Nigh" immediately. Crying=Sleepy to her.  

Her hair is out of control and she constantly going places: Beach! Cool (school)!, Pool! She grabs her backpack, (empty, because if not it is Too Heavy), and puts on her favorite dress and says goodbye to us.  Usually it's just a circle around the apartment except that one time in a restaurant when she walked out the door and down the block!

Brave is her middle name and that trait will prove her well in the future but now it is a little scary.  She is a fascinating little Beastie we are living with right now.  Good Times.


  1. Love this little doll, as you well know. Sometimes I just have to say it again.

  2. I see so much amazing potential in that smart and sweet little girl.