Saturday, August 16, 2014

To Jason

The past 10 months have been very intense for my main squeeze.  He hardly has a second to even contemplate his own needs.  He is everything to so many people, it is truly a miracle that he can do it all.

Work has changed a bit and so he is traveling more.  Last Saturday one of his church secretaries asked me if he had left yet and I was like: "Excuse me, what now?" Because even though he does tell me (and sometimes just THINKS he did), I don't always retain the information and I literally had not been gearing up for the fact that he was leaving for a WEEK in a matter of hours.


So the one good thing is....I don't have to worry about cooking vegan for a week---that is all.

Even though he isn't around that much, and sometimes I don't even see him in the morning when he leaves so early or at night when he goes to bed before me, I still miss him when he is gone.

Thankfully I have been blessed with a sense of strength and independence and I can do THIS while he is doing THAT.  And in a way, our relationship has always been that way, so it hasn't been a huge shift for us.

I would like the girls to know that he goes to church, and so in a rare moment when he happened to be at our congregation, he brought Pickle to her class. I had to snap a little photo of that rare occurence.

We have received so many blessings as a family because of Jason's dedication and service.  I would never trade our life for another, but I do know one day I will look back and be in awe that we made it through.

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