Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Loves June/July

Every time we ride the subway you look at me, eyebrow up, extend your fist and say Boom? because you want to fist pump (with a follow up high five) someone on the train.  Often is it the person right next to us, and sometimes it is someone across the way.  If they miss the high five you get very upset.

You learned what a bumble bee is in Utah and finding them in a book or on your bath soap bottle are your new favorite things.

Reciting Dr. Seuss's ABC's together

You singing BABY BELUGA---I die.

New words and phrases everyday! Oh. My. Gosh. "at home, at cool (school) at pay (play)" Singing Jesus Wants me for a sunbeam  and parts of the tune of I am a Child of God.

Daw (draw)
Reet (read)
Tum! (come)
do! (go)
Hold On!

You were really good on the road trip for all those hours!

It's so nice to have you away from your friends. I am starting to see glimpses of the girl I know and love again.

Still can't believe 6th grade is over, so glad you got through that!

You loved horse back riding....I didn't connect with you much while on the trail, so I was so glad to hear you had a great time.

READ READ READ. I promised you 5 bucks for every book you read and you are just attacking it!

You went to the mall with friends and your face when I picked you up! You were thrilled.

You loved girls camp. Love seeing you experience new things and experiencing JOY!

defending your sister when she is having a hard time--you are a peacemaker.

There was a little conflict in the house and I caught you reading your scriptures in your bedroom.

You are an organizer. I love when you get into it.

You and your cousin got lost and told us this story: I asked my younger cousin--Do you recognize anything? And she didn't.  I was already praying while riding my bike, but we decided to pull over and pray and right as we were, Papa arrived and took us home.

You LOVED basketball camp.

You and your sister are both stepping up big time in helping Pickle transition to her new bed in your now shared room. You both take such good care of her.

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