Sunday, August 31, 2014


Seeing glimpses of the grown up you. I love when you jump in and help! You have been especially great with Pickle moving into your bedroom.

Trying to help me take a nap here and there on a Sunday afternoon, making french toast for your sisters.

Seeing you away from the school environment is great--you are your true self most of these summer days!

Ideas forming in your head about who you want to be....I love hearing about your plans and dreams.

Watching you blossom is amazing.  You are changing in so many ways, on so many must be exhausting.

You did a great job vlogging on the Cali trip with Dad.

You did a great job on your first talk in Sacrament meeting. I am sorry I couldn't see it live, but I heard you did great.

Jumping into the volleyball world at school.  Hearing you talk about going from bad to better everyday has been fun.

Hearing your report of what happened at your pediatrician appointment after I was excused. This is New York, you get asked a lot of interesting questions!

Being so delightful.

Making goals for yourself that can sometimes be hard to accomplish

Your love for your sisters....and seeing you exhibit love and patience with Pickle.

Your love of family.

Thanks for coming with me to my midwife appointment and follow up sonogram.  You prayed with me, you cried with me, you were my strength. I am sorry you had to go through it, but I will never forget having you there.

You cleaned the WHOLE HOUSE for me while I was was the best present EVER...I was SO HAPPY when I did not walk into a mess.

You are so sweet and loving to your baby sis...she is so lucky to have you.

You made an involved chart about chores and housework and you are sticking to it.

You hate reading and I can see that you want to like it but you just can't.

Your excitement for school is contagious.

your language is exploding:

"Right here."

"A poo-poo a RIGHT. NOW."

"two Minutes!"

"Ready to go!"

"A call a done!" (Call you when I'm done)

"No, nigh-nigh"

You can say your sisters names SO's SO cute.

"More Pease"


"yo-yo -yo!"

"right Now."

"Give it back"

"Don't. Worry."

You are the great imitator and surprise us when you choose to repeat a phrase!

You are Miss Independent hardly caring how far from us you get, you even ran away at the Jazz Age Lawn Party---you got pretty far before we found you.

fulfilling your potential in so many ways--it is great to watch.

Opportunities that open up to you are so flattering and cool but you just want to stay here and keep building what we are building together.

Taking the girls to CALI was so special for them, I hope you had a good time.

Being excited about our future plans.

Taking care of me through the hard part of this past month.

Organizing us for the BYU football games each year is really fun.  We like cheering for your Cougars.

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