Monday, August 18, 2014

Makeup Tutorial: TWEEN MAKEUP 101

Phoebs has been BEGGING me to wear makeup this summer. The last thing I wanted was to share makeup with my tween. There is so much of my life I share with my kids---PLEASE! Don't touch my NARS! Don't touch my MAC! Don't touch my URBAN DECAY!

I wasn't exactly sure what my plan was going to be when I entered Sephora. I just started looking around and seeing what stood out to me. I am very pleased with what I found!

This pallet is a great start and good colors and it covers FACE. I don't want her wearing foundation (nor does she need it), but she does have some dark circles under eyes which she has pointed out to me and which we actually do conceal for family photos and school photos, so concealer is a good beginning.

A few less expensive options to look into: 

For the eyes I did not want to buy brushes or teach her about blending and making good choices about eye shadow placement.  I am not a fan of BLACK EYELINER which is so often the first and only thing girls wear (WHY????) A product I have come to like simply on it's on and doesn't require any tools, is the Sephora Jumbo Liner.  I got her the color Beige.  She can apply it to her whole lid and blend it in for a nice subtle sheen.

Less expensive alternative:

Mascara can also go horribly wrong when you are a tween, so I opted for a simple brown mascara so that we can begin easily and subtly.

Less Expensive option: Any Maybelline mascara in brown.

Finally to finish the look a little lip shine.  As a little tribute to my Mom, who took me to the Clinique counter at Marshall Fields for my first makeup experience, I threw in a little Clinique lip balm--the SUBTLEST of shades in Budding Blossom. I am pretty sure I called it Bubbling Blossom on the video--whoops.

Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Lip Balm

So, whattya think of the end result?


  1. Didn't we all learn that valuables son from Full House? Danny's girlfriend teaches Candace Cameron's character that the secret to wearing makeup is to not let it look like you're wearing makeup. :) Setting a reminder on my phone to watch this again in 10 years. :)

  2. This is so perfect. I need to bookmark it for 6 or so years from now.

  3. Geesh. "Valuable lesson." Must proofread.