Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Ever since I became aware of this event I have wanted to go! I bought my tickets MONTHS ago and had them tacked to my vision board. This past weekend we DID IT! We went to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island!

This little guy was running adorbz.

Pickle was obsessed with her "lella" and has all these little scratches on her legs where the wooden ribbing got her.

Our friend Bill was there!  He appeared RIGHT as we got there and then took our pic as a family when we were perched on a moon and again got one of Pickle as SHE was taking a picture of the dance instructors. You can just see his bright blue jacket in the left side of the frame of our video at 5:52.  He liked Pickle.

These two! They brought a whole seaside theme set up and were their own little Photo Booth. They need their own hashtag.

I love how it all turned out--our outfits, quilt, wagon, the company, the WEATHER, the dancing! It was such a great day to spend as a family!

I even managed to snag this guy for a little time with US!