Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Little Trip

We have friends who have a beautiful home in Princeton, NJ.  They randomly and graciously offered us use of it last week.  This summer (though the weather has been VERY agreeable) has felt a bit daunting and long and I have been craving adventure and outdoors.  I think it's actually delayed withdrawals from last summer's road trip!

Anyway, the thought of driving 90 minutes away for a little escape was perfect.

We spent a few nights and a few days in Princeton mostly enjoying the pool and the shade.  I did some yarn bombing which was fun and much needed (again, withdrawals)....I have been inspired by the yarn bombers making actual scenes or more specific bombs.  I decided to make a bullseye target for the zipline.

We explored just a tiny bit of the downtown area and got a few books and ate a few bites.  I wanted to do more campus walking but we didn't manage our time very well.  We definitely felt the Tiger spirit though.

My grandpa went to Princeton.  He identified with it so greatly that growing up we all knew exactly where he went and what he did there.  I became quite indoctrinated with this identity and pride and for a few years I wanted to go there too.  Now that I have seen it, I know I would have loved it there.  I have always been drawn to the East and here I am just a hop skip and a jump away.  

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